Saturday, May 19, 2007

Cycle Salt Lake Century

Today was the third time I have ridden the Salt Lake Century -- 100 mile bike ride. It may be the last.

The first third was great -- good speed, fun. The second third was okay but introduced the pain on the underside. The last third, even after some food, was bonk-city.

It seems that my genes do not lend them well to typical cycling speeds and endurance. For the first third, I averaged 20 mps. The second third saw it fall to 16 mph. The final third was 13 mph, plus a few too many stops to rest.

The four guys I went to the ride with did real good. It was their first road ride. They cranked it out like a walk in the park.

I think the next time I do one of these long road rides, I'll opt for the 67 mile or metric century. Seems to be the magic distance for me.

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