Thursday, September 07, 2006

The Sudden Passing of a Relative

My extended family, especially on my mother's side, is fairly tight. Although I live quite far from most of them, we are still close and aware of what each other are doing.

Growing up, I knew my cousins, aunts and uncles very well. And I actually like all of them. Most of us spent a week together in North Myrtle Beach in June of 2005.

This past week, my cousin Karen died. She was around 45. She has three children -- a grown son, a twelve year old son and a five year old daughter.

Just a week prior to her passing, she began to feel ill. She went to the emergency room and was diagnosed with Hepatitis B. Her liver was shot. She went into a coma a couple of days later, never woke up, passing on Monday afternoon.

It is a very sad and sudden thing for her immediate and extended family. She was employed by the State of Ohio. She was a fun gal. She will be missed by all, including me. I especially feel for her mother, a brother she was very close to, and her three children. (The one good thing that may come out of this, if possible, is that an estranged brother spoke with his mother whom he has not spoken with for nearly twenty years.)

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