Tuesday, September 12, 2006

"The Path to 9/11" Aftermath

I watched ABC Entertainment's two-part miniseries/docudrama "The Path to 9/11" about the events leading up to Sept. 11, 2001. There are a few things I found interesting:

1) America is much more interesting in NFL football than any news programming.
2) Democratic protests over inaccurate, incomplete or misleading video content.

On Sunday night, there were around 13M Path viewers vs 20M viewers of Manning Bowl #1 -- Colts v Giants (big brother Payton's Colts were victorious over Eli's Giants) on NBC. I must admit, I switched back and forth, based on lulls in The Path or when it looked like one team was closing in on the end zone. (The gap probably narrowed on Monday with Monday night Football now being on cable's ESPN.)

Regarding the protests, I found them interesting. The protests seem to come down to two issues: a) the communication and info sharing wall between federal agencies was wrongly portrayed and b) Clinton administration's refusal to give the order to take bin Laden out when they had him in their sites.

I do not doubt there were some inaccuracies but I really doubt there were conspiracies by the writers, producers and director to paint a conservative slant.

It is a given that the MSM provides shallow coverage and is dominated by liberal reporters more concerned about alleged threats to our civil liberties than threats against the lives of the American people. So when the past liberal administration is shown as not doing all it could to stop the attack by its policies, the media becomes a right wing agenda pusher.

Neither the Clinton administration nor the Bush administration, pre-9/11, were overly concerned with fighting terrorism. We clearly know GW's legacy, which arguably will be much more positive than negative. And we clearly know Clinton's, dispite his obsession over creating a positive legacy. Unfortunately for him and those associated with him, he will be remember by his perjury and subsequent impeachment over something as silly as his immoral behavior and his happy-go-lucky Presidency that did not accomplish anything meaningful. (He was there for the power, the parties and the girls, which might be normal for a rock star but not so good for the nation and its leader.)

Although not even close in comparison of facts, the Left considers Fahrenheit 911 a great movie and The Path to 9/11 right wing conspiracy. Both are there to make money; the verdict is out on the political motivation behind The Path to 9/11; we already know about Fahrenheit 911.

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