Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Only Idiots Care - Part 2

The CBS Evening News is now read by Katie Couric.

Who actually gets their news from TV? Older people, who have been doing it for years and cannot figure out the Internet and idiots -- the same idiots that watch Oprah and the network a.m. news programs.

I say idiots because one with a high IQ cannot find this product as informative and interesting. The target market is those with low IQ -- define them otherwise but that's the bottomline.

She and her news reading colleagues are nothing more than talking heads -- they read the news and show pictures. This is the ultimate job for journalists? Wow! Its no wonder that the journalism industry is loaded with women and the men are leaving in hoards.

Last time I watched any network news was with my father-in-law or mother, because, that's what they do at that point of the day. Cable news is no better. I gave up on that a couple of years ago also -- they report what I already know.

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