Friday, September 15, 2006

LA Times "Refuses" to Cut Budget

Newspapers are in business to make a profit for its owners. Scott Smith of Tribune Publishing who owns The Los Angeles Times has asked Dean Baquet, Times editor for budget cuts. Baquet is saying he was defying the paper’s corporate parent in Chicago and would not make the cuts it requested. Publisher, Jeffrey Johnson, said he agreed with Baquet, that “newspapers can’t cut their way into the future.”

Who is going to pay your salaries and benefits and cover your production, distribution costs and marketing costs, IF NO ONE IS BUYING YOUR PRODUCT?

This is another characteristic of liberalism: blame others for their misfortunes. Rather than look at how they can create a better product or service, they blame the stupid people for not seeing how great their product is and buying and advertising more. Or it is management's fault for not being more philanthropic.

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