Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Immigration Reform Gone for a Season

Isn't in funny, if not shameful, to see a topic as hot as immigration reform and border control go to a rarely mentioned, back page topic by the MSM. This lack of focus has happened on both sides of Congress. They both wanted to do something about but apparently neither has the motivation or desire. Today, we read in the NY Times it is the Republicans who don't want to focus on immigration, and would rather focus their attention on national security issues, namely Iraq.

Last time I checked, national security and border control were very tightly coupled. In fact, much more important than controlling toothpaste and hand lotion getting on board our commercial airliners. However, like most liberals, they see them as different topics.

We do have National Guard personnel down on the border. We certainly have the Minutemen -- and don't underestimate their value. And it appears to be working. As we should expect, we are seeing a decrease in the number of border crossings.

So the Republicans should reemphasize the border. They did not pass border control reform -- they actually did not need to, all they needed to do was enforce the current laws -- but the administration's policies are making an impact and should be touted.

The Democrats can care less about border control. They want more people here that will be dependent on government programs -- their vision of what's best for America.

This fall's election will see a few more Democrats in elected positions than we currently have. It is not because they have better plans, it is because most of the Republicans we have in office are not doing their jobs. Its that "vote them bums out of office" mentalty.

America will be worse off with Democratic leadership. They stand for one thing and one thing only -- bigger government, making more people slaves to government programs through higher taxes and less freedoms. In short, they'd prefer something more along the lines of Islamic states just without the religion and moral code. I think this is what we call socialism, if not communism.

Immigration reform may have taken a back seat but it is still on the forefront for many. Some Republicans will suffer as a result. I think 2006 will be a slight step back for Republicans, but 2008 will be a step forward. This weeding out process is hard and painful but we need to get the right people that share the lazzie-faire political, social and economic mind set.

We need smaller government, fewer taxes, and stronger defense (including border control). That's all I ask of our federal government.

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