Friday, September 15, 2006

Gas Prices Decline Except in Utah

Gas prices have declined through out the country, except in Utah. Prices for a gallon in Iowa were under $2 in some locations; Ohio's average price is the lowest in the country, at $2.31 a gallon.

In Utah, they have stayed at the $2.85 - $3.05 range (85 octane) for the past few months. Utah was quick to raise it prices along with everyone else but when prices fall, they have not fallen accordingly.

Utah's prices are the fifth-highest among all the states," said Rolayne Fairclough, spokeswoman for AAA Utah. Only California, Hawaii, Idaho and Nevada are higher on average.

They say it is tied to higher demand and local refinery capacities. I still feel it is tied to whatever they think the market will bear, like any other business who sets its prices. It is hard to understand how Utah could be paying 50 cents to 60 cents a gallon more than elsewhere in the country, when we were told we had more local refining capacities than other state.

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