Tuesday, September 26, 2006


On Monday night, ESPN went MSM on us -- focusing on the liberal politics of post Katrina New Orleans.

Instead of focusing on the ball game, they carried the pre-game show that included talking about the problems of New Orleans (from the MSM perspective) throughout the game and for a long time afterwards.

Whereas I realize getting the Superdome back and operational has been a great accomplishment and the fact that the NFL wants to promote its product through showing its concern, it got overboard.

Since when did movie maker Spike Lee become an expert on disaster recovery and government program operations? Bono and Green Day -- the spokesmen for the downcast of New Orleans? Mike Tirico, Joe Theismann, Tony Kornheiser, Stuart Scott (the worst of the worst), Chris Berman, Michael Irvin, Steve Young and Tom Jackson (the only one I really like) have crossed over from football to "Keith Oberman" loser.

We all know the MSM has blamed the federal government (specifically GW Bush) for the hurricane (global warming), the problems during the immediate aftermath, and the apparent lack of care, attention and funding of the destruction over a year afterwards. Now we have ESPN joining into the fray.

I could not watch this game for long because of all of the anti-federal government op-ed pieces. "Oh it is so sad." "It is great to see all the people come out and support their team." "We need you to come to New Orleans and spend your money so we can get on our feet again." "When you look at the destroyed areas, you wonder why we cannot do a better job of helping these people."

This had better be the first and last time they go to this extreme to promote the liberal agenda. I already find I am less interested in MNF now that it has moved to ESPN. This political dogma is not helping.

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