Friday, September 22, 2006

Careful What You Wish For

Back in the late 70s, I found myself at San Jose State University, not as a student but more like passing through. I recall a street protest via loudspeaker. I am not sure of the specific topic, had something to do with socialism and/or communism, but what I do remember was the anti-America / anti-government portion of the ranting. It was my first face-to-face experience with anti-Viet Nam-like protesters.

At the time, I did not have firm political positions. I was a young man, interested in hearing all opinions. I kept thinking to myself, if this guy hates America and its policies so much, why does he stay here. I thought there's gotta be a country that would be more akin to his thinking.

I also thought, isn't it great we live in a country that allows this open descent without any real threat of bodily harm, persecution, etc. But the very thing he was ranting about was what gave him his freedom; and he was complaining about it.

What I notice about today's liberal argument is really no different. They dislike the things that gives them their freedoms. Seems convoluted.

Today's anti-American / anti-government protester (average Joe and Jane and their elected reps) are against the GWOT. They think we should be a different kind of global citizen, think we should give terrorists their rights. They think terrorists and our concerns over safety would go away if we'd just get out of Iraq and Afganistan.

Islamofacists hate our guts and would either have us dead or submit to them and their "religious" interpretations. Those who advocate and live the immoral, liberated and happy-go-lucky lifestyle would be the first impacted (just like Hitler did in the 40s). The freedom to do what we what, when we want and with whomever we want, would be denied.

If we American's do not join together in the fight against the GWOT, the freedoms we take for granted will be stifled.

I treasure the freedoms we have and our ability to live our lives as we see fit. What I might see as a destructive or freedom-limiting lifestyle, might be perfectly fine to another. I can only pray that those on the far left will get over their "I hate Bush," Bush is stupid," "not for oil," and "let's use those tax dollar here at home for our favorite social programs." The GWOT is priority #1. All those favorite great society program are useless if we cannot operate in a safe country.

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