Sunday, September 24, 2006

Buggy Things In Sport

Here's a list of some recent bothersome things in my world of sport:

-- NFL and College Football replay reviews -- they take WAAAAY too long; and even then, it looks like they miss 25-25% of them.

-- Football games and the TV timeouts -- the flow of games is interrupted with commercials. It started with the NFL's Two Minute Warning. ("Oh no, two minutes are left; thanks for the notification; I might have missed that were it not for your courtesy." That's one reason I like watching soccer -- 45 minutes of uninterrupted play per half.

-- All the statistics put on the TV screen during the real action. Why do we need more than two places on the screen to tell us it is "3rd and 9?" Why do we need a constanly rolling ticker of other games results? The NFL is bad at this. ESPN2 ovedoes it.

-- Brett Farve and Ben Roethlisberger -- can't stand them and the commentators who worship them. [Probably exacerbated by the fact I hate Green Bay and Pittsburgh).

-- Notre Dame football and their head coach, Charlie Weis and the fact they schedule Army, Navy and Air force every year. I do like the Michigan, Purdue and Michigan State (choke, choke) games; local matches are always more compelling.

-- Athletes that engage in "me, me, me" celebrations after doing something they are "paid" to do; athletes who do not respect their opponents or show good sportsmanship.

-- Football commentators and PA announcers who say "that's another [team name here] first down."

-- Top tier professional soccer leagues (EPL, La Liga, Serie A, Bundesliga, etc.) that refuse to use instant reply on offside goals, red cards, and fouls and handballs in the penalty area.

-- Football referees who want to "control the game" by overabundant personal foul and pass interference calls. This is biggest downer for me as a football fan. Often, as the season wears on, I lose interests and don't watch when the refs dictate too much of the game.

-- Soccer players who fake injuries and take dives.

-- Mountain West conference lovers who think the rest of the nation is against them; that their level of play is on par with the Big Ten, SEC, Pac Ten and Big 12. It is really on par with the ACC (football) Sun Belt, Western Athletic and Conference USA.

-- The Chicago Cubs fans, year after year, put up with mediocrity. Why should an owner invest in a team if the fans continue to pay for over-priced seats game after game. The Baltimore Oriole fan have it right -- walk out in protest. Cubs fans are like people who regularly go to the movies -- Hollywood puts out maybe one decent movie worth watching each year. Cubs put product on the field a couple of time a year with watching.

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