Tuesday, August 15, 2006


One thing I don't like to do is mention that I do yoga. People look at you with a crooked eye. Gay? Metro? Nope. I just like doing it, the feeling I get afterwards, and the sleep I get that night.

I try to do it twice a week for an hour. I find that if I do the posses, hold them, and push myself, I get a great workout. Sometimes I really sweat.

This is one of these things where people will say: yoga, why would you do that? They are the one's who have never done it. I am not fanatical but I do enjoy it, despite the fact it embarrasses my wife and daughter.

In this weeks Sports Illustrated, 49er Safety Tony Parrish is featured. And if my man Eddie George can do it, so can I. Go Bucks!

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