Wednesday, August 09, 2006

When Only the Cops Have Guns...

Joshua Horwitz, Executive Director of the Coalition to Stop Gun Violence, is exercised over the SenateÂ’s vote on July 13 to prohibit law enforcement officials from using federal funds to confiscate private firearms during future emergencies and major disasters.

The Gun Nut states in his blog entitled When Only the Cops Have Guns, Who Watches the Watchers?
I would sooner have Bonnie Parker and Clyde Barrow protecting my old ass than the New Orleans police. During the Katrina unpleasantness, 250 of them simply deserted, others looted, and 4 were cited for brutality. And when it was over, their chief resigned in disgrace. And these are the guys who are going to save you?
Electing representatives who believe in our Constitution and the Second Amendment is so important. Perhaps if the non-Hezbollah residents of Lebanon were armed like their terrorist counterparts, perhaps they could have taken care of their problem without involving the Israelis.

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