Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Wartime Protests

There are lots of anti-war protestors. Some are anti-war period -- never an excuse for military activity. Some were in favor of the action initially but then switched to being anti-war when things did not go as expected -- you know the type...John Kerry, John Murtha, Hollywood, American America haters, 60s draft dodgers turned college professors -- liberals in general. We all know their rhetoric...

-- Iraq had no terrorists before we declared war.
-- We went to war on false information.
-- America has been in Iraq long enough to either disprove most reasons given for going in there in the first place or to accomplish all the others.
-- The United States has overstayed its welcome.
-- Humble ourselves and admit we made a major error and plead for allied support to withdraw immediately.
-- As soon as we leave Iraq the locals will handle the insurgents because it knows who they are.
-- A deadline for withdrawal is a must because it will give pro-war politicians a safe re-election platform.
-- It costs too much money -- that money should be used for government programs here at home.

There are very few people who would not desire to bring our men and women home from Iraq. But we are there. We have a job to do in that part of the world. We are tied to that part of the world because of oil -- crucial to the global economy. We must be successful in Iraq. We need Israel to be stable. We need to Iran to be an non-nuclear state. We are talking world stability.

Consider the following events in our own history: First Continental Congress (1774), Declaration of Independence (1776), Articles of Confederation (1777), Constitution (1787), the Bill of Rights (1788). The American Revolution started in the 1760s and lasted at least twenty years. The actual war lasted 8 years from 1775-1783. There was a great amount of anti-war sentiment during this time -- pro-British, anti-independence, anti-George Washington.

During the American Civil War, many (almost a majority) wanted Abraham Lincoln out of office. Not only was he trying to unify the country through a difficult war against the Confederate States, he was fighting another war in the Union against other Americans.

George Bush is fighting a war at home just as General Washington and President Lincoln did. It took us twenty years in a virginal land to establish our nation and we want people in Iraq with millennia of history to do it in 1-3 years?

Thankfully, as American's we have the right to voice our opinions. You can agree or disagree, in whole or in part (or you can sit on the fence like most humans do). But when the activity is traitorous, that right disappears.

The enemy uses the anti-war crowd to their advantage. The enemy wants to see new leadership here. They want the Dems in power. They know that with the Dems in power, they can do what they want, when they want, with little repercussion.

As with the American Civil War, the North fought it with one arm tied behind its back. In Iraq, we are fighting the war with two arms tied behind our back. If you want the soldiers to come home, lets fight the enemy properly, not according to UN rules or media correctness. Let's fight to win.

Achieving success in Iraq is a good thing. All good things worth doing are worth doing right. And good things are usually hard to do. It is easy to quit when the going gets tough, but quitting is not the answer.

Therefore, summing up anti-war liberals, they are also quitters and cowards. You sure don't want one of them with you in a fox hole when your life is on the line.

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