Friday, August 04, 2006

Utah County Tax for Transit...Coming Soon

Voters in Utah County will have an opportunity to vote on a quarter-cent sales tax increase in November to fund a 22 mile commuter rail line from Provo to Salt Lake County.

The ballot measure was approved this week by the Utah County commissioners, who estimate that the tax could generate some $765 million in revenue by 2030. Of the revenue raised, some 87% would be dedicated to the new commuter rail line, 8% would go toward state highway improvements in the county and the remainder would be used for other transit needs. The Mountainland Association of Governments estimates that with the new tax revenue, the commuter rail project could be operational by 2013.

I am all for a light rail connecting Provo with SLC. I will probably use it 2-5 times a year. But I wonder if it is worth the cost. Public transit cannot survive without government subsidises. Therefore, this will be a perpetual debt for our children and grandchildren.

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