Sunday, August 06, 2006

UN's Useless Security Council Resolution

So we hear and read about France and the United States reaching an agreement on a Security Council resolution to halt the war in Lebanon.

The text called for immediate cessation of all attacks by Hezbollah, and of offensive military operations by Israel. But it did not include a prisoner exchange or require Israel to immediately withdraw from Lebanon.

Nouhad Mahmoud, a Lebanese Foreign Ministry official appearing before the Council, said, "It lacks a call for the withdrawal of Israeli forces who are now in Lebanon, and that's a recipe for more confrontation."

What all the resolutions and MSM reports fail to address is that Hezbollah is a terrorist organization. Lebanon has allowed them to operate with impunity in their country -- building up an armed state within a state.

Why should Israel withdraw before the job's done? They are defending themselves and their nation. Hezbollah's goal, along with Hamas, Iran, and "fill-in your favorite terrorist group or terrorist-sponsoring nation", is the destruction of Israel. They fire rockets at will; bomb at will. They could care less who they kill. Israel's goal is to destroy the terrorists war-making capability.

It should rise a huge warning flag when the French and Americans agree on anything.
At best, it is a non-workable or un-realisic plan.

Let Israel finish off Hezbollah now. No UN resolution or peacekeeping force is going to do this.

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