Wednesday, August 30, 2006

TOOL - SLC 2006

Not your typical MOP entry here. But I am a rocker and big TOOL fan. Last night I went with my 17 year old son, his cousin, brother and sister-in-law. For me, my second TOOL show (I saw the Lateralus tour a few years back with my older son who has less than three month remaining on his mission in Siberia.) For the others, it was their first TOOL show; and they all loved it.

The set-list was:
-- Stinkfist
-- The Pot
-- 46 and 2
-- Jambi
-- Schism
-- Rosetta Stoned with Faaip De Oiad (sans the Art Bell sample)
-- Opiate
-- Sober
-- Lateralus
-- Vicarious
-- Aenema

My favorite songs were "46 and 2" and "Lateralus". "Rosetta Stoned" is a really good song -- not a killer rocker but real quality.

The stage was great. Jones (guitar) on the left, Chancellor (bass) on the right, Maynard back center left and Carey (drums) back center right on small risers. The stage was a glossy white. A 6'-7' shear wall covered the entire back of the stage, from the far left to the far right. Rear projectors created the light and TOOL imagery, reflecting off the white stage. The band, especially Maynard, performed as silhouettes -- Maynard looked like a stick figure at times. The traditional spotlights on the band members was virtually none existent.

I am glad Maynard kept his mouth shut, for the most part, between songs. Like most rockers, they should stick to their songs and not to their ill-thought politics and concert cursing tirades. Maynard writes some interesting lyrics but take him away from his music and he is a major looser.

My conclusion, Adam Jones is an amazing guitar player and song writer. The TOOL 10,000 Days Tour 2006 is a must see for any TOOL fan. The one downside, it was very expensive -- $50-70 is way too much to pay for a 100 minute concert. And concert paraphernalia...only a fool would pay $35 for a t-shirt ($15 in the parking lot is okay) or $70 for a hoodie.

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