Sunday, August 20, 2006

Too Good for the Rest of Us

Granted, I live in Utah and specifically in an area dominated by LDS, conservatives, Utahans, Americans and Republicans -- probably in that order. There are not many Democrats in the area, but there are some.

No worries. I like good discussions. I like hearing good arguments provided they are well thought-out.

A Democratic neighbor of mine asked me if I were a Democrat...saying someone told her I might be. I said no, quite the opposite, but I do like to discuss politics. I mentioned that I have a blog and would appreciate her comments. I asked her to send me her email address and I'd send her the link. She replied that she did not do email. She said she could not stand to read the poor grammar and see the misspelled words, so she just gave up on it. And IM is totally out of the question.

Only a liberal would say this. Only a liberal, who has been to college and who understands the finer points of life, would say something as ridiculous as this. The condescension must be tough. How do you liberals deal with us conservatives, who probably have more formal and informal education than you?

I have seen this arrogance time and time again. In all cases, those individuals are more often than not, of the liberal persuasion. Why is this?

Those arrogant ideals fail time and time again -- at home, in the community and at the ballot box.

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christovich79 said...

I feel you, buddy.
People turn communication methods into a generational battleground. I can talk on the phone, chat with MSN messenger, send a text message, email, snail-mail it-out, whatever.

Some people freak-out if you do one type of the other. Some people think text messaging is so adolescent and refuse to use it. So instead of txting me a phone number they leave it in a voice mail, which is apparently better. Unfortunately, it's infinitely less convenient for anyone who have ever successfully received txts. I can't fathom why people want to call me to give me a phone number or address.

Why would I want to write it on a sheet of paper? Most of the time, I do not. I repeat, I DO NOT WANT.