Monday, August 28, 2006

The Secret Life as Terrorist's Wife

The on-going saga of Elina Ersenoyeva, who was abducted Aug. 17 by masked men on the main street of the Chechen capital, began like many others. The turn came when police figured out that she was secret wife of Shamil Basayev, the Chechen terrorist leader and the most wanted man in Russia, who died in an explosion July 11.

I do not want to poke at the Islam religion but in some nations, their practices are of a mid-evil era. I recently read a book called Princess by Jean Sasson. It is a "true" tale of a Saudi princess recounting her upbringing and adult life in a male dominated society.

Although Chechnya is different from Arabia, the high ranking males invoke the same domineering practices with respect to women. Multiple wives (4 is a magic number and Elina was #4 for Basayev), no abilities to speak their mind, no abilities to do anything resembling the exercise of freewill, prevail across most of the Islamic world. In most cases, the pompous leaders use their women as their physical slaves, nothing more.

Elina Ersenoyeva is still missing. Only God knows if she is alive. But this is one more case of why Islamo-facism is the most dangerous enemy we face. They have no respect for non-Muslim life and they are most repressive towards their women. Fighting this with all are might should be our nation's highest priority.

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