Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Post-Fidel Castro Cuba

Cuba is wrapped in uncertainty as the Communist government released a statement suggesting that its longtime ruler, Fidel Castro, had survived intestinal surgery but giving few details of his condition.

On Calle Ocho in Miami, they jeered his name and wished for his death. "Cuba Si', Castro No!" they shouted. "Se Acabo'!" --"It's Over!" Horns blared and celebrants waved flags and smoked cigars.

The announcement on Monday that Fidel Castro is ill and has temporarily ceded power in Cuba to his brother Raul has spawned a sense of momentous expectancy.

Castro's illness and cessation of power marks the beginning of a long-planned transition designed to maintain iron-fisted control of the island after Fidel Castro's eventual death, administration and intelligence officials said yesterday.

Optimists abound but I for one do not see Castro's death bringing about any significant changes in Cuba. They are a communist nation. Their leaders are not going to go away without a fight. If Cuba is to return to the days of pre-Castro, some blood will need to be shed.

The Cuban people are strong -- probably the apple of the Caribbean. But most only know Castro and the communist ways. It would be great to see the Cuban people freely dictate its new government; getting that chance will be a struggle. My prayers are with them.

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Reach Upward said...

Your thoughts on this matter precisely describe what I think about it as well. I too pray for the Cubans.