Thursday, August 03, 2006

One in 10 Scottish Children is a Gambling Addict

Survey of 2,000 Scots pupils finds 9.7% have a gambling problem.

Almost one in ten Scottish children is a problem gambler, with some as young as 11 skipping school to feed fruit machines, the first extensive study into the problem has revealed.

Scots spends three times as much on gambling as four years ago.

"Gambling in children is not obvious, like smoking, drinking or physical abuse, but it is there. Advice on gambling needs to be part of the school curriculum" - Sousana Mesimeri, deputy project leader RCA Trust.

The survey of more than 2,000 pupils from 12 schools across west central Scotland found 9% were exhibiting behavior that could lead to a fully fledged gambling addiction later on in life. In England and Wales the figure is 6%.

A further 15% of Scottish children are deemed to be at-risk of developing a gambling habit.

What a wonderful and son at the neighborhood casino, engaging in some blackjack bonding.

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