Tuesday, August 08, 2006

NPR -- Federal Funding Must End

I have listened to NPR (specifically Morning Edition and All Things Considered) for years -- on and off. On regular basis, NPR will run some interesting story -- stories without an obvious political agenda. Even then, they must be listened to with open ears because those telling the stories, asking the questions do have agendas, be it global warming, free healthcare for all, tax the rich, or America the imperialist.

When it comes to reporting the news, they focus on anything that makes America, the conservatives, the Judeo-Christian religious, the entrepreneurs, the successful, look bad or guilty.

Listen to an NPR report at the top and bottom of each hour during the Israel/Hezbollah conflict: it is all about the "innocent" deaths in Lebanon, digging crying women and children out from rubble, the human suffering of homes destroyed in Lebanon. (Not about terrorists bombing Israelis.) Or it is a report of the number of Iraqis and U.S. soldiers killed in suicide and roadside bombings. Or how some U.S. soldier or group of soldier killed one or more civilians. (Not about safehavens created by U.S. soldiers wipping out the so-called insurgency.)

It is obvious the MSM helps the enemy. Normal people understand who the enemy is; the MSN does not. (If they do, they are traitors and should be tried as such). We all know innocent people are killed in war. War is cruel. It makes it very difficult to wage a war that can quickly come to an end with the MSM provides intelligence and adds a war of words via the press. The MSM forces these wars to be fought with both hands tied behind the back.

All past wars that engaged American forces, from Vietnam back, were fought without the MSM coverage we see today. Their outcomes would have been very different if today's MSM -- the enemy sympathizers -- would have had the same access and outlets as they do today.

It is okay for non-government supported media to present a biased view -- they are in it for profit. We know what they are, be they liberal or conservative. But when government-based agencies like NPR do this, their funding should be halted. The whole concept of government-backed media is flawed.

All government funding for NPR should end. Their survival should be based on capitalistic principles, not socialistic ones.


Anonymous said...

Which war have you fought in that makes you qualified to "understand who the enemy is"? You should listen, watch, or read Bob Schieffer's commentary on Sunday's Face the Nation on a free press. http://www.cbsnews.com/stories/2006/03/19/ftn/main1419437.shtml
Think about that before bashing the MSM for "helping the enemy." Then consider your ways about understanding who the enemy is.

Reach Upward said...

Anonymous, you precisely make part of JDH's point. But JDH also said that commercial media should be free to operate and put out its lopsided, agenda-driven stuff. However, government sponsored media should not have this same lattitude. I agree with JDH. Cut taxpayer funding for NPR and see if it can compete in the commercial world.