Monday, August 21, 2006

Little %#&*$ League World Series

The Little League World Series has been played for decades. I am not sure why ESPN felt it was necessary to televise game after game in primetime. I think it is exploitation of children. It has become a clear display of what is wrong with youth sports.

I am not one of those "everybody's a winner" parent. There are some youth who just want to play. There are others who want to play at the highest competitive level they can. There's room for both. The later is dominated by parents and coaches who want to win at all costs. In most cases, we have parents living vicariously through their children. This is a vary sad thing that can be seen at all levels.

I was scanning stations on Sunday. I came across a Little League game between Staten Island, NY, and Lemont, IL. Staten Island just turned a double play to end the top of the 6th inning. A microphone placed in the Staten Island dugout heard an excited group of boys and coaches. They needed one run to tie, two to win. That same microphone heard a player yell, "we only need one f***** run. His coach then slapped him in the mouth realizing the presence of the microphone.

And we say we are using sports to build character in our youth. Swearing 12 year olds and coaches slapping boys in the mouth (the boy needed it for sure). Yea, this is good stuff.

What is it with ESPN and youth sports -- little league, spelling bees, soap box derby? Life too short to waste time watching other people's children playing games on TV.

I realize ESPN is just a business. They invest in sports and programming, for example, the X-Games, the Outdoor Games and yes, the WNBA (brutal TV). To each his own, but I for one will not be watching any children playing sports on TV. That's borderline John Mark Karr television, who apparently ESPN is targeting with some of its programming


christovich79 said...

I'd rather watch Vietnamese Texas Hold'em champions go for the cash then watch WNBA or LLWS coverage. And that's saying more than you know.

By the way, do you have the fox soccer channel? Is that how you watch european premier league games?

JDH said...

I don't get to watch as much european football as I'd like but I am thinking on adding the soccer channel. They show English, German, Italian and Spanish leagues. I also watch a bit of Mexican soccer -- because there are about a million spanish tv stations on basic cable.