Monday, August 14, 2006

Iran Launches Holocaust Cartoon Exhibition

The news intro reads: An exhibition of more than 200 cartoons about the Holocaust opened Monday as Iran's response to last year's Muslim outrage over a caricature of the Prophet Muhammad in a Danish newspaper.

Big difference is that the Jewish people have not and will not riot and kill one another like the Muslims did in February.

What is it with the rationale and behavior demonstrated by Muslims vs other religions?

Mahmoud Ahmadine-wackjob is appropriate.


Reach Upward said...

Look, we've got autocratic whack jobs all around the globe of various stripes. And I don't think Fidel Castro or Kim Jong Il are Muslim. We have to watch out for all of them, but Iran's nutcake president is likely to become the next Hitler, as he is already meddling in the affairs of other nations and is trying to cobble together a new Islamic caliphate to oppose the rest of the world.

Terror-Free Oil said...

Iranian Cartoon Exhibition Mocking the Holocaust Sparks Global Riots
Mobs of mad Jews burn Iranian embassies around the world
Hundreds of Jews are trampled to death during the riots
Mossad dispatches squads of suicide bombers to Mecca and Medinah
Israeli PM: "No Muslim is safe from our wrath!" - video