Sunday, August 20, 2006

"Democrat" Running in Utah's 3rd District

In today's Dailey Harold, there's an article about Christian Burridge, the Democratic candidate facing Chris Cannon for the Third District seat. He's seem pretty typical LDS -- BYU, mission, temple marriage, etc. He has a remote chance of winning but he is running and he can win. His stances on several issues are below:
-- Student aid: Keep interest on guaranteed student loans at 4 percent or less and increase Pell Grant funding.

-- Ethics reform: Impose restrictions on people moving back and forth between lobbying firms and congressional staff positions.

-- Minimum wage: Increase it.

-- Iraq and Afghanistan: The war has been overly politicized and the Bush administration isn't paying enough attention to military leaders and their assessments. Invading Afghanistan was the right course; the Iraq invasion, however, was pursued with faulty information and not enough international support. Still, the United States cannot leave until the region is stabilized.

-- Flag desecration: There's no need for a constitutional amendment.

-- Immigration: Would emphasize penalties for employers who hire illegal workers while also providing a means for employers to check an applicant's employment status.

-- Alternative energy research: Supports it, particularly cellulosic ethanol, an alternative to gasoline.

-- Nuclear waste: No storage of nuclear waste in Utah; it should be stored in the states where it is generated.

-- Abortion: He is pro-life and supports restrictions on abortion.

-- Same-sex marriage: Opposes it.

-- No Child Left Behind Act: Though it contains some constructive measures, it removes too much local control over curriculum and focuses too much on uniform testing. Also, teacher training requirements are burdensome for rural districts.

-- Allegiance to Democratic Party: Would vote with his conscience and to represent his district, not with the party line. The party is not funding his campaign.
Except for the minimum wage increase and his Democratic rhetoric on Iraq, his platform is the opposite of a Democratic platform. How can a person with this platform vote as they vote in Congress? This "vote with his conscience" ideology is not Washington politics. He must have some hidden agenda or he is really naive.


Reach Upward said...

Nah, Jim Matheson does it all of the time.

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