Thursday, August 24, 2006

CIA Lacks Info on Iran

A key House committee issued a stinging critique of U.S. intelligence on Iran, charging that the CIA and other agencies lack "the ability to acquire essential information necessary to make judgments" on Tehran's nuclear program, its intentions or even its ties to terrorism.

The 29-page report, principally written by a Republican staff member (Frederick Fleitz, a former CIA officer who had been a special assistant to John Bolton) on the House intelligence committee who holds a hard-line view on Iran, fully backs the White House position that the Islamic republic is moving forward with a nuclear weapons program and that it poses a significant danger to the United States. But it chides the intelligence community for not providing enough direct evidence to support that assertion.

Arms are flailing -- danger, danger. I assume the motivation here is we can't do anything militarily against Iran because our intelligence is weak, spotty, questionable. Assuming this is correct, I hope the next step is to address the problem? Is this saying we are doomed because we will never have adequate intelligence on our 21st century enemies -- axis of evil? Or is it saying we need to figure out better methods and techniques for gathering this info?

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