Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Summer TV Viewing Down...Hurray

Last week was the least-watched TV week in recorded history for the four biggest broadcast networks -- CBS, ABC, NBC and Fox. They averaged 20.8 million viewers during the average prime-time minute last week, according to Nielsen Media Research.

I rarely watch network TV. About all I watch are sports -- I can do other things while semi-watching. If it weren't for the cable stations, I'd see no reason to have a TV at all.

As the networks continue to put out "average" content and with so many other things we can do with our time, the decline of television continues. I am glad. I also hope the decline in Hollywood movie viewing continues to decline. (It is too bad Americans like the idea of going to the movies, because what they are paying for is mediocre at best).

It is all about the content: if the quality is good, the viewers will turn-out and the advertisers will pay the fees. Until then, let the decline continue.

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