Friday, July 28, 2006

So You Want To Be My Forest Ranger...

Nationwide, there were 477 attacks and altercations involving forest rangers in 2005, compared with 34 in 1995. Forest rangers are assuming more of a law enforcement role than traditional forest manager.

People go into the forest for all reasons. Most of us, we do so for the exercise, the legal fishing and hunting, fauna and flora, the beauty, the solitude, the escape. For others, it is to party and rave, engage in land-destroying activities (riding off-road vehicles in appropriate areas), do graffiti, de-face or destroy archaeological sites, dump waste, set fires, grow marijuana, cook Methamphetamine, rape/assault/kill, illegally pillage and harvest nature's bounty.

The problems are especially pronounced near urban areas.

I am a conservative and a conservationist. My undergraduate degree is in Zoology. However, I am not on the global-warming bandwagon. Al Gore, Michael Moore and most environmentalists are wackos. They distort, intentionally mislead and out-right lie.

The bulk of these problems are not caused by conservatives. They are caused by idiots and self-serving losers. The majority of them are more to the liberal persuasion than conservative. (Conservative principles are more in harmony with proper land and water stewardship than liberals.) These individuals fail to see the big picture. The solution to their destructive problems is proper education, not liberal diatribes.

We can all help our limited number of forest rangers by doing our parts by practicing those well-establish Leave No Trace principles, teaching our children correct ethics, and setting good examples by our actions, not just our words.

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