Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Israel Goes Back Into Lebanon

Israel said that it would occupy a strip inside southern Lebanon with ground troops until an international force could take its place.

As I have thought about the Middle East -- the past, the present and the future -- I keep asking myself two questions. 1) are these fledgling democracies capable of running a western style democracy? And 2) if the west takes a police and/or military role, will be ever be able to leave without it all falling apart?

I believe the answer to both questions is NO.

They say the problem is with the militant arm of Islam. By definition, that does not make sense. There is no militant arm of Christianity, of Judaism, of Buddhism. One does not like to pick at people's faith. But in this case, the issues seems to be inequality and non-tolerance: inequality between the races, the genders, between those of other faiths; no tolerance of opposing views.

The bulk of the killings in Iraq, Sudan, Afghanistan are brother killing brother -- Muslim killing Muslim. They have been doing this for centuries. No reason to assume this will ever change because outsiders want them to change.

In Lebanon, when the Israelis left a few years ago, the Lebanese government did nothing to limit Hezbollah's entrenchment and arming. If Israel would have stayed, they would not be fighting this battle today (although they would be fighting a different one). In Iraq, if the U.S. and coalition forces leave, the terrorists will entrench, arm and rule. In Afghanistan, if the coalition forces leave, the Taliban will assume control. In all cases, without western involvement, Taliban-like governments will be the norm; inequality and intolerance the rule.

Because we have a oil-based economy, we are locked into the region indefinitely. And conversely, because we have little economic interest in the African continent, despite the killings and atrocities, we will commit little to the region. The cut and run policy advocated by the liberals is myopic and based on ignorance.

PS - my biggest concern is that America and Israel will be alone in its battle against militant Islam. European nations are cowards and appeasers. Asia (less China and Japan), Africa, South America nations can contribute little. We will be fighting freedom haters abroad and the liberals at home.


Reach Upward said...

Stunningly astute observations. We have to be careful about 'peacekeeping' troops, which exist to keep the 'warring parties' apart. Sometimes that's not the healthiest thing. Sometimes those on the side of wrong need to be defeated. If the U.N. had existed during the American Revolution, we'd still have U.N. peacekeepers maintaining the status quo between the British and the rebels at some arbitrary line out on the eastern seaboard.

Militant Islam extremism is wrong. There is no peaceful coexistence with it. It must be defeated, or at least rendered harmless.

Europe can't help because it already has too great of a presence of Islamic extremism within its borders. For an interesting view of why Iraq will fall apart if we leave, see this article.

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