Thursday, July 20, 2006

The Greatest Ride of All Time

Who would have thought...Only Floyd Landis. After bonking on yesterday's final climb, he finished so far behind that it seemed that Floyd would never climb onto the Paris podium. Oh contrare... As Bob Roll's calls this on his blog: the greatest ride of all time

It may have been the greatest single day ride in the history of the Tour de France. Floyd Landis was barely clinging to life at the end of yesterday's stage. But today, he decimated the crowd, drug himself through determination and true grid to the point where he can now win the Tour de France.

Friday's stage is a cruiser -- no hard climbs. Saturday, the last meaningful stage, is a time trial. Sunday, the last day, could be interesting, but rarely is. Landis is a great time trialists; much better than Oscar Pereiro (#1) or Carlos Sastre (#2).

With only 30 seconds behind him and Pereiro and 18 seconds behind Sastre, Floyd Landis is poised now to win the Tour de France.

Today and for all time, Floyd Landis demonstrated courage and grit beyond compare. How anyone cannot bask in his glory -- so proud of his effort; so proud to be an America. Congratulations Floyd -- a day never to be fogotten by cycling fans!


christovich79 said...

truly an amazing performance. *sniff

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