Monday, July 17, 2006

Energy Independence

The longer we continue our dependence on Middle East oil, the more money we will spend and the more lives we will lose in trying to keep our economy moving.

The G8 leaders (United States, Russia, Japan, Germany, France, England, Italy and Canada) at this week's summit adopted a resolution on energy that touched on alternatives to fossil fuels, such as biomass and wind, but focused mostly on how to bring more oil to the market, and at cheaper prices.

The world oil supply is important. However, more important to America is our energy independence. As long as we are dependent for over half of our energy from other nations, we are forced to assist with the protection of that source.

The pain we need to experience in order to address this problem is not present. It will take a major event -- a terrorist attack on a American financial target or a Middle East war -- to get people to change. 911 was no longer an issue 4-6 months afterwards. When gas hits $10-15 a gallon, then look for the outrage.


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