Sunday, July 30, 2006

Convenient Outrage in Lebanon

An Israeli missile kills over 50 in the Lebanese town of Qana. Many of the dead are women and children. Israel has said Hezbollah fired rockets from the area and that the people were warned about retaliation. This is certainly not the goal of the Israeli. Now Hezbollah, they specifically try to do this. However, as expected, the outrage is directed at Israel, America and the United Nations.

We read daily about Muslims killing Muslims in Iraq; no outrage. We also know that for the Arabs and Muslims, terrorism is okay if it is directed at Israel, America and UK (this will probably change when Tony Blair leaves his PM post). Europe has basically given up, permitting if not encouraging the segregation and isolation of their foreign nationals.

As long as the Muslims believe the terrorists are justified in shooting rockets (un-guided bombs) into Israel hoping to kill Israelis indiscriminately, Israel and America will stand its ground and fire missiles (guided bombs) at those shooting at them.

There will bound to be women and children killed -- Hezbollah families and sympathizes or just innocents caught in the cross-fire. This has always happened in war; it will continue. This is especially the case when the enemy hides in civilian areas, mosques, schools, etc.

The GWOT is real. It is being fought in Afghanistan, Iraq, Gaza, West Bank Lebanon, Madrid, London, New York, or anywhere where freedom is prized. It will bring in Iran and North Korea. (It will be interesting to see what role China and Russia will play.) To all nations of the world, you are either with us or against us. Unfortunately, most nations will take the passive approach. So it will come down to the U.S. and Israel vs the Muslim world. God help us.

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Victor Davis Hansson concurs with your assessment in this insightful article.