Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Comcast Service

I get my hi-speed Internet access from Comcast. It took me nearly 8 years to get high speed access at my home. Quest said I was too far from the DSL head end to get access via their service (however my neighbor has DSL). I'd rather have cable speeds anyway.

This past week, I have had intermittent problems with connectivity. Friday, the 3Com modem would reboot itself, stay up for a while and then go off-line. Friday night, it died altogether -- no connectivity at all.

The Comcast Help Desk does a good job. They are friendly and somewhat helpful. However, the company has some serious issues, at least in Utah. According to the Help Desk personnel, and I spoke with at least 3 different people on this matter, there is no place in Utah to return a leased Comcast modem and swap it for one that works. Their only response was to schedule an appointment, have a technician come to your home, and allow them to swap it out.

For me, this forced me to be off-line for 5 entire days. That is an unacceptable length of time for many who work from home, telecommute, etc.

Bottomline is that Comcast has no support program to help people who actually depend on Internet access for their livelihood. They can care less if you are off-line for any period of time.

This model must change. It is too bad there is no real competition in the local hi-speed access market. There might be options for some but not for me. I am stuck with Comcast's half-hearted efforts.


Reach Upward said...

I had a similar experience just a few months ago. But they told me I could haul my cable modem to Layton and exchange it or else buy my own cable modem. In that event, I could save $3/month, but only after I turned in my dead modem.

I opted to buy my own modem, since it allowed me to get back up and running within a couple of hours. All I had to do was to call Comcast after hooking up the modem and give them some numbers from the modem and I was up and running again. The next time I had to go to Layton, I dropped off the old modem. So I now own my cable modem instead of leasing it perpetually from Comcast.

JMD said...

Sadly, High Speed Internet service still seems in the dark ages.

I had Comcast in Spokane, after they bought out AT&T who had bought out another company and there service was out sometimes more than it was on.

When we moved back to Utah, we had Comcast again and their service seemed to be down way too much.

The service was so bad we went back to dial up, while slower than cable it saved us $30 a month (plus another $45 for cutting the tv). Last month we got an offer for DSL for the same price as dial up and have had better service so far than Comcast ever gave.

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