Monday, April 10, 2006

Coyote Senators

From Chris Simcox, President, Minuteman Civil Defense Corps:

The going rate to pay and hire a coyote (a human trafficker) in Mexico to get you across the US border illegally is $2000. The McKennedy – Senate legislative compromise would reward with guaranteed US citizenship those who illegally live in the US for 5 or more years, if they pay a fine of—you guessed it—$2000.

Coyote Senators like Coyote McCain, now on both sides of the issues by voting against his own bill, Coyote Kennedy and Coyote Specter are leading the pack to promote the illegal invasion across the US border, and enable the oligarchic government of Mexico with its shameful exploitation of its poorest citizens. Coyote McCain and his pack are listening to the foreign government lobbyists and the extortion threats of third-world anarchists, instead of respecting the expressed will of 90% of American citizens to secure our borders.

The Coyote Senators have already made the invasion crisis worse, as waves of new indigents wash across our frontier in anticipation of amnesty! These Coyote Senators took an oath to uphold the US Constitution and secure and protect the US from foreign invasion.

From a Fox News opinion poll:
Almost all Americans (90 percent) say illegal immigration is "very" serious (60 percent) or "somewhat" serious (30 percent) essentially unchanged from a year ago this time.

The top worry- illegal immigrants will strain the government. (87 percent - almost all Americans) say they are concerned illegal aliens will overburden government services.

Majorities favor deporting as many illegal aliens as possible (57 percent) and using the U.S. military to stop entry at the borders (55 percent).

Large majorities favor increasing the number of border patrol agents (80 percent) and imposing fines and criminal charges against employers who hire illegal aliens (73 percent).

People are concerned illegal aliens will increase terrorism (34 percent very concerned), take away wanted jobs (37 percent) and increase crime (39 percent very concerned).

By eight-to-one, Americans think it is unfair to grant rights to illegal immigrants while thousands of people wait each year to come to the United States legally. Fully 86 percent of Republicans think it is unfair, as do 77 percent of Democrats.

Most Americans (78 percent) would like to see a law making English the country's official language, including large majorities of Republicans (89 percent), independents (79 percent) and Democrats (68 percent). Similar numbers (77 percent) think speaking English should be a requirement of those applying to become U.S. citizens.

What do the Coyote Senators want to do? Very little.
Coyote Frist said in interviews, there was a compromise in the Senate that would place illegal immigrants in three categories:

Those illegally in the country at least five years would be put on a path toward guaranteed citizenship… roughly 60% of the 11 million plus illegal aliens already here.

Those illegally in the country for two to five years would report to an American port of entry, and be classified as temporary workers for six years while applying for citizenship.

Only one million or so, illegally in the country for less than two years, would be required to leave.

This nonsense sell-out of American sovereignty is merely an amnesty smokescreen, devised to perpetuate the status quo of de facto colonization of America by foreign mobs. More do nothing from the do nothing Coyote Senate.

One unanswered question: How do can you determine how long someone has been illegally in the country? Did we miss the part where the Coyotes stopped at federal registration stations in the deserts of the southwestern United States and signed in all the “undocumented workers” they are illegally smuggling into our country? Or perhaps illegal aliens will be able to use a cash receipt for a bus or plane ride to NY as proof to guarantee they meet these arduous, loyalty-demanding paths to US citizenship.

Does the “compromise” bill include even a warning that falsifying documents is a federal offense with a fine?

Once again, this legislative sell-out merely perpetuates the status quo, while pretending to address the crisis. It has no meaningful border security, and offers huge additional incentives to foreign nationals to cross our border illegally and acquire false identification.

There is already a sharp rise in the number of illegal crossings at the borders by indigents seeking amnesty. Illegal aliens recently apprehended by the Border Patrol are talking about how amnesty is coming, about the increase in illegal traffic and Coyote fees, and admitting that they will keep trying to cross even after they are returned to Mexico—because now they REALLY will be able to stay in America.

What is the Minuteman Civil Defense Corps doing?
-6500 Civilians in Border Watch Operations on Northern and Southern US Borders.
-Over 400,000 faxes from Minutemen Supporters sent to the Coyote Senate
-A Minuteman petition tour from California to Washington to Secure the Border.
-Minutemen rallying across America in small towns to show support for America and TAKE an AMERICAN FLAG to WORK DAY.
-Hundreds of thousands of Minutemen raising their voices to tell truth and wake up our government to do its job.

In the first four days [in April] of the Minuteman Civil Defense Corps April operation:

-Texas has spotted around 200. They spotted 800 in the ENTIRE MONTH of October last year.
-California is up over seven times already from October last year and
Arizona has nearly 600 sightings as of yesterday at 2:15 pm local and only had 333 for the entire month of April
-Border Patrol Chief David Aguilar testified on March 1, 2006, before the Senate Immigration, Border Security and Citizenship Subcommittee, that Border Patrol agents have taken into custody 408,000 people attempting to unlawfully cross the southern border in only the first two months of 2006—over one third of the 1.2 million apprehended nationwide in all of 2005.

The Border Patrol administrators concede that Border Patrol agents at the current level are only capable of apprehending one quarter of the persons illegally entering the country across our unsecured borders—one in four. If you do the math:

-Approximately 792,000 people have already illegally crossed the southern border into the United States in the first two months of 2006 whose identities are utterly unknown, without being given a health screening, a criminal background check and whose names were not checked against the terrorist watch list.

-The federal numbers of illegal aliens in this country getting amnesty are well above the 11 million being quoted in the Senate. By year’s end it will be almost 14 million or more because the rate is increasing.

-January and February this year were a total of 59 days. That constitutes an astounding 13,424 people per day currently entering this country through our southern border alone, virtually unchecked. This is a rate of 600 illegal alien crossing per hour.

-In 2005 approximately 3.6 million illegal aliens remained in the US, were not taken into custody and were not given any of these health or security screenings checked against a terrorist watch list.

Now the Coyote Senators led by Coyotes McCain, Kennedy and Specter, want to void our existing laws, look the other way and reward all this illegal activity with the blessings of American citizenship.

As the Senate sell-out proceeds, the Minuteman Civil Defense Corps is on duty. These patriots are still standing vigilant, watching the border and reporting illegal crossings to the Border Patrol—and continuing to demand for the common defense, and the common good, that the rule of law be upheld and the border be secured with no amnesty!

50 New illegal aliens JUST CROSSED the border as you read this message.

The Minutemen have taken the lead at bring the illegal immigration issue to the front page in almost every newspaper and newscast in the country.

I have communicated to my two Senators (Hatch and Bennett) and my Congressman (Matheson). I encourage you to do the same. Find your Senator and House Rep and email them.

They need to hear your voice.

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