Friday, April 07, 2006

Congressmen Fighting for Lower Taxes

The editors of HUMAN EVENTS compiled a list of the top members of congress fighting for lower taxes.

I am impressed that three of the top ten are from Arizona and two are from Texas. As a Utah resident, I wonder where our reps stand?

I happen to live in Utah's 2nd District which is represented by Democrat Jim Matheson. As far as Democrats are concerned, he is a centrist. However, there has never been a Democrat that did not see a tax he/she did not like or approve. He is no exception. I did not and will not vote for him.

The other two congressmen from Utah are Republicans. Unfortunetely, I did not see Rob Bishop, (R) Utah, 1st District or Chris Cannon, (R) Utah, 3rd District on the list. In fairness, maybe they just missed the top ten cut.

Utah, believe it or not, is a high tax state. However, the bulk of our residents are conservative, capitalists, anti-tax and anti-big government -- more so than our reps.

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