Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Politics of Immigration

Whenever I see thousands of protestors gathering at the drop of the hat, I know this is not a grassroots effort. It is only a matter of time before we find out that some polical organization is behind the gathering.

The immigration protests of this week were organized in part by the Spanish speaking media. Shocking. Made for TV.

The level of stupidity demonstrated by the demonstrators is troubling. Going to a demonstration in America asking for rights for law breakers while waving the flag of their home country (not the USA) is not something these people have really thought through.

We have a group of people who are trying to bring their motherland to America. They have no understanding of American history. What America offers them. They do not know what it truely means to be an American.

The same problem exists in France, and who wants to be like France. I am not a xenophobe. I actually enjoy visiting France. I worked for a French company for 4 years. I just do not like their form of government.

The U.S. polititians are, well politicians. It never dawns on them to just enforce the laws on the books--to fund the programs. They think they need to make new laws. None of the major players really address the problem--President Bush, the House, the Senate, even within parties. I don't think they even agree on the problem definition.

The illegal immigration solution must address the following, IMHO:

- Build the fence and increase the border patrol.

- Deportation -- all criminals (arrested, no trial, deport), prison clearings; mass deporation is a non-starter.

- No amnesty -- legal immigrants through a legal process.

- No benefits -- free healthcare, free education, welfare, drivers licenses, voting rights.

- No work -- punishment of U.S. businesses that knowingly employ illegal aliens. Make work and immigration status look-up operational and enforcerment.

- English language.

- No birthright citizenship.

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