Monday, November 29, 2004

Constitution Never Faileth

I have always been a Republican. I usually vote a straight ticket. My father is a Republican. My mother votes for the "best man". My paternal grandmother was a die-hard Republican. She only became involved in politics later in life. Born in 1902, she was a typical subservient housewife for years. When she became a widow, she entered the workforce. She worked for the State of Ohio handling welfare cases. Her experience with those on the dole made her passionate about avoiding governmental handouts. Conceptually, the programs are to help those down on their luck. Her experience: a cop-out for laziness and for perpetual income without effort. Most were able to work, they just chose not too. She motivated me to explore the political of liberalness at a young age.

I have voted for non-Republicans on a few occasions: namely when I was in college in Utah. With nothing to conserve, creating little income, paying little taxes, and with that student attitude of question all, it seemed prudent to vote against the Utah mainstream. I have since repented.

This last general election--November 2004--I was tempted once again to vote non-Republican. This time, for totally different reasons. I did some studying of the other major right wing parties: Libertarian ( and Constitutional ( Many of the principles adhered to by the Libertarians are sound. However, I had to bail when I read about their positions on borders, language and culture. I am firmly against open borders. I believe in immigration--a key element of our culture--albeit legal immigration. With respect to the Constitutional Party's platform, as I read their principles, I agree with every one of them. They have become my party of choice.

So how did I vote on 2 Nov 2004? I voted straight Republican ticket. Was this prudent? Would I be throwing away my vote by voting for the Constitutional Party candidates? Yes and no.

My biggest motivation this year was anti-Kerry. Unfortunately, the Democrats have taken a turn for the worst these past 30 years. Their leadership has failed to understand the typical person. Too many socially elite have crept into their upper echelons and have created unappealing candidates. Kerry represents everything I loath about people, not just politicians. He is a fake, self-aggrandizing poser who's only "quality" is his ability to fool many people. I felt as opposed to Kerry as the social elite opposed Bush.

My opinion of Bush is that he not a bad man. He comes from wealth (as does Kerry) but he is rooted in firm beliefs. He's not eloquent but he's not fake. He has a vision and he's willing to work for it. However, I do not agree with many of his governing principles. I disagree with his fiscal policies--he's spending too much on too many useless programs (see the Constititutional Party's platform to read which agencies should be eliminated or cut way back). His Department of Homeland (In)security is a joke. And I strongly disagree with his positions on border, languages and culture. This rhetoric about amnesty for illegal immigrant is down-right treasonous. So why did I vote for him?

I did not think the Constitutional Party could win and I did not want to see any more Liberals in position to create more expensive, shackling programs nor did I want Kerry to add his Liberal cronies to the Federal Courts. Was I wrong not voting for Peroutka, etc? Yes.

The Republicans have abandoned me and those like me. We are Constitutionalist. Anything not supported by the US Constitution is man-made regulation and slavery.

The Founding Fathers established a balance, not just between branches of government but between anarchy and despotism. The Republicans are way left of center on just about every government principle esteemed by a Republic. That makes the Democrats even further to the left. The gap between the two major parties is narrowing. Republicrats or Demoblicans--not much difference these days.

Imagine if the Constitutional Party candidates on the national level would have garnered 1% of the popular vote. It would not have changed the outcome, most likely, but it would have sense a powerful message. Many felt this election was a choice between two evils. However two evils do not make a right. (I am not calling GWB evil but many of his policies are.)

This American continent is a chosen land. Scriptures tell us that this land will be blessed if those inhabiting it are righteous. If we fail to recognize God and his hand in our lives, we walk (or run) down a slippery slope. _The Book of Mormon_ covers this principle in depth--Nephites, Lamanites, Jaredites, etc. We learn for other great civilizations--Greek and Roman--that moral decay, perpetuated by unrighteous and week-kneed politicians as well as society and industry spokespersons--eventually fail. They fail because the drift from the true principles they were founded upon.

This nation shall endure only if the people live righteous lives and demand accountability from their elected officials. Anything that is not rooted in the Constitution takes us away from that necessary balance. Environmentalists who are quick to point out imbalances in nature fail to see the need for governmental balance. They think we are moving to the right. This is wrong. We are in fact moving to the left and have been doing so for the past 35 years. It is as if we are on an iceberg and we may be taking some steps left and right but that iceberg is moving left without us realizing it.

I love America. I love the Constitution. American can only be saved if we adhere to the divinely inspired Constitution, for it never faileth.

Friday, November 12, 2004

Purpose of Blog: Mormon On Politics

Mormons, nickname for members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, are very political people. Most are conservative by nature and tend to vote Republican or Constitutional; few vote Democratic, Independent, and Libertarian. They are family-oriented people (one husband = one wife). They love their God (Heavenly Father), his Son, Jesus Christ (our Savior and Redeemer), and the blessings of the Holy Ghost (comforter and constant guide). They love their country (Mormonism is a global religion). They love their religious way of life. They are productive members of society. They succeed much more frequently than they fail. They lead balanced lives--Steven Covey, a Mormon, made a boat-load of money writing, speaking and packaging this.

This blog will contain my thoughts on a variety of topics. Most will be controversial--no sense in wasting your time on boring topics. These entries are my opinions. In no way should they be considered official Church doctrine.

You feedback is welcome.